Cheap Phone Cards

A primer in how to pick the best prepaid phone card for your needs.

In such a crowded market, it can be quite overwhelming trying to determine which prepaid phone card is best for your needs. With the abundance of alternatives available, it can be confusing. If you do a Google search on the keywords “prepaid phone cards,” you will receive over 12 million results. A lot of folks just look for the cheapest deal on a card. Consumers do not always recognize that the cards that seem to have the lowest rates can be more costly to use.

Find out the best way to select the cheapest phone card for you with just three simple steps.
You’ll be able to limit your expenses and get on the right track.

1. Select which country you are calling from
2. Select the country you are going to call to
3. Click “Best Rates Search” and you’ll get the best option.

Pinpointing Your Requirements: Because there are so many card choices, it is critical for you to know your particular requirements. Knowing this is going to help you compare the various cards.

Here are the 7 things you should consider when you think of what you need in a phone card:

1. Where do you plan to place the most calls to?
2. What length will most of your calls be – half an hour? an hour? more?
3. How often are you planning to use this card? Will you use it once to make one international call, or will you use it every day?
4. What kind of connection do you need? Must it be crystal clear, or is cost more important than quality?
5. Where will you be using this card? Are you traveling or staying in the States?
6. Will you be using this card for business, or is it just for your personal use?
7. Will you be using this card more than once? Do you want to be able to recharge it?

Best Phone Cards: