Phone Cards

Phone cards offer a standard price if you make international or long distance calls. Card users buy cards at a basic price. Every minute that you talk, the value of your card is decreased by the per-minute calling cost of the area to which you are calling. The cards are active until the cards dollar amount is used up. The availability of phone cards makes it easy for people to keep in touch across the land and worldwide.

The History of Phone Cards:

Phone cards were started in Italy in 1975 by SIDA, a vending machine business. They were intended as a solution to phone booth money theft. These cards had a magnetic strip, and the machine read the encrypted number as the card was swiped. After fifteen years, Bell Operating Company began to offer cards with PINs, as well as a free access number. This took the place of cards that had magnetic strips.

Befits of Phone Cards:

When 1992 came, every major U.S. phone company offered a type of phone card that included a PIN. Another benefit of phone cards is that they are both convenient and easy to transport. You just dial the phone business 1-800 phone number, key in your PIN and then dial the number you want to call. It is possible to use a phone card with any phone anywhere in the world.

Types of Phone Cards:

There are three major types of phone cards: international, overseas and domestic. People can call abroad with international phone cards, and call foreign countries using fixed rates with overseas cards. Domestic cards allow people to call long distance at a standard price, usually more affordable than regular long distance.

Phone Card Features:

One good feature of phone cards today is that they come with a PIN that is hidden under a scratch off area, just like a lottery ticket. Phone cards still have magnetic strips; however, rather than using them at pay phones, cashiers activate them by sliding the cards at the registers. The front of the card shows the available funds on the card as well as the logo of the phone company.

Phone Card Size:

The actual measurements for a phone card are similar to the measurements for a credit card. Cards are slim, made of plastic and created to carry in a wallet, pocket or purse, however online card companies may offer virtual cards. Phone cards are worth anywhere from $5.00 to $100′s of dollars. If you have an online account, you can choose how much you spend, rather than just paying in increments of $5 or $10 up to a hundred.

Best Phone Cards: