Starting a Phone Conversation

When you begin a conversation on the phone, you can feel a little awkward, no matter what your situation is. However, there are some occasions in which starting a phone conversation is particularly challenging. The following suggestions can help you initiate phone conversations.

1. Beginning a phone conversation can be a very tricky thing, especially when you don’t know the other individual. In the following tips, I will make the assumption that you don’t know the individual at all or that you don’t know them that well and are trying to get to know them better.

2. For starters, it is important to be aware of the need for cordiality when talking on the phone. Why is it important to present a pleasant phone personality? The reason for this is that, when you behave in this way, the other person is more likely to follow suit.

3. If you are talking to someone you don’t really know, obviously, there are some things you will not want to talk about. Always steer clear of conversing about controversial subjects such as politics and religion. You may want to talk about these things later, but for now, stick with light topics.

4. A highly important step when beginning a phone conversation is having even just a bit of background information on the person you are speaking with. Say you are talking to a stockbroker. It would be a good idea to have a little chat about stocks and the stock market. Carrying on small talk about something that they are interested in is an excellent way to get the other individual to open up.

5. Keep an upbeat attitude and don’t be negative. This is especially true when it comes to the initial conversation. No one enjoys listening to someone go on and on constantly about their past or present woes. Even if you’ve been cheated on by an old flame, you don’t need to mention this topic!

6. Be sure to exercise respect for the person you’re talking to, and consider whether they might be busy. If you happen to call at a bad time, find out when it would be better for you to call or ask them to call you.

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